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Freelance Silverstripe PHP Developer



We are looking for a Silverstripe PHP Developer to join our web development team for specific projects. As a Silverstripe PHP Developer, you'll craft unique functionalities for websites and web apps, which could involve designing custom page types, creating new Elemental blocks, or enhancing current modules to align with project objectives. It's essential for you to interpret project wireframes and tailor the CMS to meet its technical demands. Collaborating with our front-end team, you'll integrate the required back-end code to realize the desired theme specifications.

Who We Are

At Dynamic, we pride ourselves on being a small-city agency with a big-city vibe. Our team of imaginative thinkers seamlessly integrates with your marketing and communications team, delivering tailored marketing solutions that resonate with your brand's voice. Whether it's a subtle nudge or a powerful statement, we ensure your brand captures the spotlight. By diving deep into understanding your business's core, we craft innovative marketing strategies that not only highlight your brand's strengths but also elevate it to new heights. 

Web:We offer comprehensive website content and strategy, ensuring a user-friendly design experience, and integrating advanced web development solutions. 

Content: Our team specializes in video production, photography, branding, and identity, ensuring your brand's story is told in the most compelling way. 

Media: We craft effective campaign strategies, including SEM/PPC ads, ensuring your brand's presence is felt across digital platforms.

Our mission is to enhance your already remarkable brand, making it even more outstanding.

The Ideal Candidate

  • Silverstripe: Experience with Silverstripe is required. You need to be able to work on existing Silverstripe websites to implement new features and enhancements. You also need to be able to upgrade existing websites via composer, and troubleshoot any compatibility issues or update any legacy custom code that causes issues with the upgrade. For new projects, you will need to work within our foundational modules and Elemental blocks to build the project consistent with other Dynamic created websites.
  • Version Control: We use GitHub and related tools in the development of our projects. You will be expected to work in feature branches and submit pull requests to the project repository.
  • Development Workflow: You will be expected to work in a local development environment. Dynamic uses Docker and other similar tools in the development of our projects. Example Dockerfiles and docker-compose files will be included in the repositories of each project. Code updates are deployed to UAT and Production environments from the repository.
  • Third-Party APIs: You will have some experience implementing functionality involving third-party APIs such as Google, Shopify, and similar. 

Desired Candidate Traits

  • Problem-Solving Skills: Our Silverstripe tasks often require tailored solutions. Your role is to devise innovative methods to efficiently integrate these solutions, ensuring they meet project criteria, remain within budget and time constraints, and are sustainable for the broader team over time.
  • Effective Communication: With multiple ongoing projects, it's crucial to keep everyone updated. Utilize our project management tools, messaging platforms, and video calls to consistently share your project updates with the team.
  • Team Collaboration: Teamwork is central to our ethos. Engage actively with the broader project group, offering insights and suggesting strategies to achieve project goals.
  • Proactive Approach: Equipped with project blueprints, technical specifications, and a preliminary project repository, you should be ready to dive in and get started.

What You Should Be Prepared For

  • Freelance: This position is on a freelance basis. You'll be collaborating remotely with our team using our communication platforms. 
  • Project Pricing: For each project, you'll propose a one-time, all-inclusive fee. A comprehensive project outline, highlighting its functionality and technical needs, will be shared with you. Should the client alter the project's scope, we'll inform you, allowing you to adjust your pricing if needed.
  • Time Management: We rely on precise project schedules to balance our workload and set client expectations. It's essential that you finish tasks within the stipulated timeline and consistently update the team on your progress.

To Apply

If you’re interested, please complete the application form below and include:

  • Your contact details
  • Links to your LinkedIn and Portfolio
  • Your updated CV
  • A cover letter detailing your expertise in Silverstripe PHP

We will reach out to qualified applicants and will schedule a video interview to discuss upcoming project opportunities.


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