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2017 W3 Awards

Dynamic Inc. is pleased to announce today the winning of two W3 Silver Awards from the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts. Dynamic, a full-service digital advertising agency in Sheboygan, received competitive, national awards for superior work on two web projects.

Winning the Silver for the restaurant website category, The Blind Horse website, created and developed by Dynamic, stood out with a sophisticated, streamlined design. The home page pops with crisp, high-resolution visuals that portray the restaurant’s theme of rustic elegance. Visit The Blind Horse website.

Dynamic’s second award is the Silver in the video category of visual effects and motion graphics. Given the task of demonstrating the latest bracing technology for American Orthodontics, it created the Empower video. This video combines concise, informative narrative with clear visual aid that shows exactly how the technology works for orthodontic providers. View the American Orthodontics video.

“Dynamic works hard to deliver digital advertising solutions to our clients, and we are delighted that these awards recognize that while showcasing the wide scope of needs we serve,” said James Grunewald, CEO and Creative Director, Dynamic.

The Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts hosts the W3 Awards each year to applaud exceptional creative web agencies worldwide. The 2014 W3 Awards received more than 4,000 entries.