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2018 Para World Sailing Championships

Dynamic is proud to not only be a sponsor of the Para World Sailing Championships but also partner with SEAS on the creation and development of website. Dynamic utilized our in-house team of designers and developers to strategically plan, design and develop the website in SilverStripe4.


World Sailing, in partnership with The US Sailing Center in Sheboygan, SEAS, and Sail Sheboygan chose Sheboygan, WI to host the 2018 Para World Sailing Championships and needed a buoyant website that would steer the event and our community to the worldwide stage, but also aid in reinstating the sport back into the 2024 Paralympic Games. More importantly, it had to be simple to navigate so that competitors, spectators, and potential sponsors could find the information they needed to bring them to the finish line of this spectacular event.


The 2018 Para World Sailing Championships is bringing elite athletes from all over the globe to our great Wisconsin community, and we had to ensure the website had everything they needed to get here and make the most of their stay. We included links to popular attractions in the area as well as directions to Sheboygan so participants and spectators could get there by car, train, and plane. We also included detailed instructions for those athletes who needed a visa to compete.


The 2018 Para World Sailing Championships' success was partially attributed to the overwhelming support of community businesses. To sell potential sponsors on the importance of the event to Sheboygan, SEAS created an informative packet for prospective sponsors. There they could see statistics at a glance, including the sport's social media reach. We also created a webpage for potential sponsors so they could see details about each sponsorship package and contact us with any questions.


The 2018 Para World Sailing Championships’ website gave Dynamic an opportunity to show the world Sheboygan’s unparalleled sense of community while successfully promoting an event to showcase Paralympic sailing.