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Expanding the Pasture

What we did

  • Content Strategy
  • Ecommerce
  • Information Architecture
  • Open Source
  • Search Engine Optimization

3 Sheeps Brewing Co.

The Grass Is Greener with an Upgraded Website

3 Sheeps’ updated website showcases the brewery’s role as the perfect pasture for those looking to kick back and relax. It features a fresh, clean look and modern feel sure to attract thirsty new flock members. Easy to navigate and filled with exciting features, the site provides a welcoming atmosphere for its visitors. On the operational side of things, the site is run through Silverstripe—a flexible, customizable content management system that allows for easy integration of the many features 3 Sheeps requires. 

New Online Storefront is a “Shear” Delight

Sheboygan area natives who are fans of 3 Sheeps will be excited to hear about the new Sheep Shop we added to the brewery’s website. Complete with 3 Sheeps wearable gear, promotional items, gift cards, and more, the Sheep Shop features something for everyone. To power the digital storefront, we went with Foxy.IO—an ecommerce solution designed to integrate effortlessly with the user’s existing site. The new Sheep Shop will serve as a great additional source of revenue for 3 Sheeps while expanding customers’ brand experience—a win for all involved! 

The Main Attraction: Online Event Ticketing System

3 Sheeps needed a way to sell digital tickets for brewery-related events. In response to this need, we built an online ticketing system and integrated it into the Sheep Shop. Customers can now head online to see what is brewing and purchase tickets to events that interest them, all with a few simple clicks. This streamlined solution turns ticket sales into a seamless, effortless experience. 

Set for Expansion

With the fresh look and increased functionality provided by our web development work, 3 Sheeps is properly positioned to expand its pastures. Its customers are sure to be pleased with the new, improved features its site now offers. Ultimately, the updates make it easier for the brewery to go about the work it does best—developing and offering Sheboygan area residents the high-quality beer they voraciously crave!

Since its launch, 3 Sheeps Brewing Co. has become a well-loved entity within the Sheboygan area. Over the past decade or so, the brewery has been steadily growing its flock. Throughout recent months, however, 3 Sheeps has sought to further expand its pastures. In conjunction with a location upgrade, we provided 3 Sheeps with an updated website, complete with an ecommerce solution, beer directory, and digital event ticketing system.