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A Big Challenge? We're Cool With That

What we did

  • Content Management System
  • Content Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Website Development

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Separate but equal

The Dynamic team brainstormed on how to build a site with two separate product lines that would coexist on one website. The challenge was to create different identities for each market: the residential line with designs for the home and commercial product line with technical facts and specs for the food/bar service industry. 

Managing Information Overload

Once we had a design concept for the “two-in-one” site, we formalized a strategy for the look, feel and flow of each line. Our developers built out a content management system site to organize an extraordinary amount of product information. With up to six supporting documents for each product, uploading the data was incredibly time consuming. In the end, each of those resources was classified and searchable by product and model number. 

Raising the bar

We were provided a challenge of building two completely separate sites to coexist on one website. The result? We created a unified website that is a dramatic upgrade for the brand and visually appealing for both residential and commercial clients. Product information is logically organized, accessible and easily navigable. One of the coolest things of all is that Perlick is now able to edit and update the entire website themselves to manage their online product catalog and keep it completely fresh and current. 

A Cool Combination

Perlick presented Dynamic with an awesome challenge and in the end we organized all the information and packaged it in a sophisticated, seamless, coherent presentation. 

A leading food and beverage storage company with both commercial and residential lines wanted to serve to those audiences on a single website. Creating a cohesive site with two identities was a challenge in itself, but the number of products, information and content made the project a monumental task. But our team remained chill and tackled this formidable assignment with gusto.