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In Order To Form a More Perfect Union

What we did

  • Content Management System
  • Ecommerce
  • Web App Development
  • Website Development

Wisconsin Union

Wisconsin Union website
Wisconsin Union website CMS
Wisconsin Union responsive website

More information. Fewer Clicks.

Students are tech savvy. And impatient. So when they want information, they want it now, whether it’s on their laptop, tablet or smart phone. That’s why we developed a content uploader that uses a spreadsheet. On the site, column headers are mapped to content zones to populate multiple fields for each entry. That translates to providing information for a large number of events at the same time. 

Making site management easy and efficient.

There’s nothing worse than outdated information—an event has been rescheduled or a restaurant has relocated. To keep information current, we created a Content Management System in SilverStripe. Its permission-based security groups assign access to specific pages for easy delegation of content updates. Restaurant, event and location information in a centralized zone eliminates the need to duplicate content population tasks. 

Collaboration of geeks and artists

To create the new Union website, Dynamic partnered with Knupp, Watson & Wallman (KW2), a Madison-based advertising agency. Our team used SilverStripe development to bring KW2’s design and functionality to life.

The state of the union

With the improved site, the Wisconsin Union staff is able to manage their own content updates and keep the student body, alumni and visitors up to date on all the events and news involving the union. Jump around!

Partnering with a Madison agency, Dynamic developed a website for The Wisconsin Union at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The Union was looking for a fresh, intuitive and comprehensive site with useful features and easily accessible information. Using the SilverStripe platform, our in-house developers created a Content Management System and developed search filters to organize events—from Film to Classes, and from Theater & Arts to Badger Game Watch. Custom modules within the site bring up a restaurant locator, event calendar, volunteer opportunities and more.