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2015 - Present

One Cool Customer

What we did

  • Content Management System
  • Content Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Social Media Management
  • Website Development

Cedar Crest Ice Cream

Taste of Nostalgia Homepage
Gelato Match Game
Gelato Match Game Responsive

A recipe for success

To create their own authentic gelato flavors, Cedar Crest sent one of their food scientists to Italy to learn from the artisan gelato makers. He brought that knowledge home and added his own twists to classic flavors. Our team used his inspiration to generate nostalgic stories behind the flavors. From there, we fleshed out a marketing campaign to include new website content and social media promotion.

Flavor of the day: Social Media

Our marketing strategy included establishing a data base from Cedar Crest’s fan base and collected new subscribers for a newsletter. Next, we created a “A Taste of Nostalgia” social media promotion to unveil the new line and drive traffic to the website. We also designed and developed an online memory game on the Cedar Crest website, which offered promotional prizes.

Creating sweet concepts

Since gelato is such a deliciously fun product, employing a social media tie-in to the campaign proved to be a hit. Numerous consumers visited the website to play the game and “liked” and commented on the Facebook promotions. Plus, we were able to collect hundreds of new names for newsletter promotion. The client was exceptionally pleased with the website content and we have to agree, it all turned out pretty sweet!

A modern take on nostalgia

Tapping into how memories are tied into tastes ended up being a strong branding story for Cedar Crest and our team was able to bring the past into the future with words, imagery and technology.

When our client, Cedar Crest Ice Cream, needed marketing strategies to launch their new gelato, we happily scooped up that project. The first step was creating a branding story and, considering how strongly people associate flavors with memories, we settled on “nostalgia.” From there, we delved into creating a campaign to market Cedar Crest’s seven new gelato flavors.