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Bemis Manufacturing

We all go there every day but never think twice about it. With a flush, our memory of our experience in the bathroom drains away and we move on with our day. Bemis Manufacturing has set out to change that with its toilet seats that offer, “Innovation for everyday life.”

Bemis Manufacturing wanted a captivating campaign that would showcase its new TruComfort seats. Dynamic always welcomes the opportunity to produce video content that advocates for a client’s image, so our team was excited to get started.

Trucomfort Planning

Creativity Where It Counts

Sure, we might not give our time in the bathroom much thought, but we all make regular . . . and sometimes more extended . . . visits. In those moments, we feel the discomfort that comes from sitting too long on a regular toilet seat. 

Because of this, TruComfort seats were created to offer, "Comfort where it counts." With Ergo•Curve technology and flex zones that relieve pressure, TruComfort seats provide the comfort your bottom needs for a memorable experience that’s always number one. We collaborated with Bemis to craft a storyline that drives this point home in a humorous way.

The tale begins like many, with a new couple who had just moved into the neighborhood. A neighbor stops by to welcome them and uses their bathroom. The ordinary experience yields extraordinary results when she falls in love with their TruComfort seat and spreads the news via text. Soon, unexpected guests begin showing up to welcome the new couple . . . and use their bathroom.

After working with the Bemis crew on the storyboard, the search for the perfect set was on. The items on our list? Simplicity in design, lots of light for those beauty shots (yes, toilet seats can be beautiful too), and that friendly neighborhood vibe.

Trucomfort 1
Trucomfort Team

Zoning in on Production

Although Dynamic’s creative team loves a good brainstorming session with clients, we find it even more exciting to watch the vision come to life during production days.

We couldn’t wait to capture the cushy comfort of the seat’s flex zone technology. We accomplished this with a shot of the neighbor touching the couple’s newly-installed seat out of curiosity, resulting in an expression of pure delight. We also referenced other important features in subtle ways. By showing the husband installing the seat at the beginning, we demonstrated how installation’s a breeze. When he closed the seat's lid after installing it, we showed it performing a silent, stealthy WhisperClose, as well.

When bringing this particular story to life, we were faced with a unique challenge. Bemis asked that we make it look as if the whole thing were taking place in summer rather than the current winter season, seeing that the ad campaign was going to run into warmer weather. This would have been a simple task if all of the shots were indoors, but a major aspect of the storyline included the couple answering the front door, with the camera looking out at one of their eager neighbors. Seems impossible, right? Come on now, this is Dynamic we're talking about . . . is anything really impossible? With a few clever camera tricks and a little manipulation of the background, viewers would never have a clue that we were all freezing our cheeks off.

Trucomfort MasonInstall
Trucomfort doorbells
Trucomfort 3

A Truly Detailed Edit

Once we had captured all of the clips we needed, our work was far from over. The next step was to select the right clips to tell the entire story in just 30 seconds. A challenge to be sure, but we had a few tricks up our sleeve.

To speed up the storytelling process, we used a split screen view. The bottom showed the text about the TruComfort seat being sent out. At the same time at the top, we showed side by side clips of the couple’s doorbell being rung by two different people to convey the resulting onslaught of well wishers who suddenly appeared. 

After adding some background music, a voice over, and some closeup shots of the TruComfort toilet seat, the video was ready to go.

Trucomfort Ender

TruComfort at Home

Bemis wasn't looking for your average toilet seat commercial. Bemis’s TruComfort seats make the forgettable, everyday experience of using the bathroom a memorable, comfortable getaway. The company wanted an equally-memorable ad with a humorous approach that would set them apart from the competition. With the two teams collaborating on the vision, we created a hilarious ad campaign that both catches viewers’ attention and makes them chuckle. There's nothing that Dynamic loves more than helping a client take their image to the next level and having a good time while doing it, and both of those objectives were accomplished through this project.