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DynaVap Megalaunch

What we did

  • Content Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Photography
  • Video Production


The "M": The Skater, the Artist, and the Gamer

We wanted to show the versatility of the “M” by portraying it in three different vignettes and a tabletop scene that magnifies its unique features. The vignettes represented three completely different individuals: a skater, an artist, and a gamer. 

Shooting the “M'' in a tabletop setting allowed us to showcase those smaller details that set the product apart from the others. The overall theme was “Make The Move” and so we did. The creative team put their heads together and thought of every movement possible to really express the feel of the “M''. Whether it’s water ripples, laserbeams, or a trip through the space-time continuum--the “M'' will keep you moving and shaking.

  • Skater 1
  • Skater 2 v2
  • Skater 3
  • Artist 1
  • Artist 2
  • Artist 3
  • Gamer 1
  • Gamer 2
  • Gamer 3
  • Omni 1
  • Omni 2
  • Omni 3
  • Omni 4

Inside This Vignette

You’re skating the streets of Sedona when you look left to see a breathtaking, mountainous vista. You’re an artist on a Sunday afternoon, sunlight is leaking in from the windows, hitting your creative-feels just right. You’re a gamer and the intergalactic war on your computer screen is raging while you hop into your space battleship, ready to do your part in saving all of humanity. But what do this skater, artist, and gamer all have in common? Their “M” from DynaVap.

The Omni: The Businessman and the Musician

The Omni is the premium version of DynaVap’s devices, the highest peak of TED performance. Dynamic had only one option and that was to go with the tagline, “Reach Your Peak” for the Omni’s campaign. The video featured an old school TV vibe, with the camera gradually pushing in on the screen until it’s almost as if the viewer is inside the tv. We enter a type of 80’s themed world, with the product appearing on top of and around boxes that remind you of being in the city. Some of the boxes are placed on top of pistons that create some simple movement throughout the scene. 

  • Bman 2
  • Bman 3
  • Bman 4
  • Bman 1
  • Product 1
  • Product 2
  • Product 3

Inside This Vignette

It was a long day at the office between the never-ending demands of your clients and your boss, and nothing can come between you and that nightcap you’ve been dreaming of all day. You’re a musician walking the streets of downtown Tempe, humming a melody you’ve been constructing for the last week. A short climb up A-Mountain brings you to a plateau, allowing you to use the entire cityscape as your audience while you strum your guitar and sing to everyone below. Whether you’re a businessman having a stressful week or a musician just waiting for your moment to be in the spotlight, the Omni can help take you to the next level.

The VonG: The Hiker and the Yogi

The VonG is DynaVap’s thermal extraction device that mates with a water piece. Through its release video, we wanted to convey a sense of relaxation and self care. We started with the tagline of, “Find Your Ground,” focusing on the idea of centering yourself in life, as well as finding your place in the DynaVerse. 

Dynamic wanted to match that sense of relaxation and self-care with a terrarium scene for our tabletop video. The Omni appears resting within nature, grounding you as the camera pans over the rocks and foliage. You feel as though you’re wandering through a tranquil forest, feeling refreshed and content in this moment.

  • Vong 2
  • Jess 1
  • Jess 2
  • Vong 4
  • Vong 3
  • Yogi 4
  • Yogi 1
  • Yogi 2
  • Yogi 3
  • Vong 1

Inside This Vignette

Your camera in hand, you’re hiking through an Arizona forest when you come upon the river you’ve been searching for. You spot a boulder up ahead that looks like the perfect spot to sit down and take in all of the beauty around you. You’re a true yogi, waking up before the sun rises and finding your way to a plateau within the red mountains near your home. As the sun rises, your morning vinyasa has never felt better. Whether you’re hiking through the trees or rising before the sun, the DynaVap VonG will keep you grounded.

Self-Discovery Starts Here

After filming the three new products inside of their vignettes, Dynamic created a story. A story of adventure, balance, and human connection. DynaVap needed to express their overall brand message to connect everyone using their devices, inviting them to be a part of the DynaVerse. The Megalaunch video illustrates that although our journeys may be unique, they are also intertwined. This provides us with the platform to connect to something bigger. Dynamic incorporated each vignette into one, larger lifestyle video by bringing the characters together at a campfire, each accompanied by their prospective device and enjoying the company of good friends.


We Did What We Came To Do

Our creative team set and delivered on high expectations to make the DynaVap Megalaunch an extraordinary and transcendent experience for each of its viewers. Over the span of five production days, we woke up at 4:00 in the morning to beat the sunrise over Bell Rock Loop trail for a morning vinyasa, filmed while walking over river rocks, with gear packed on our backs we climbed to the top of A-Mountain to film a musician over the city lights of Tempe, and took one last trip out to Bell Rock Loop at midnight to light up the red rocks with laserbeams. For Dynamic, nothing is out of the question and everything can be done. We strive to deliver out-of-this-world content throughout each and every project. DynaVap gave us their trust when they invited the team to tell their story and that’s what they did. The final video is sure to have you engaging in your own self-discovery through any of the various DynaVap Thermal Extraction Devices.

When a client approaches Dynamic with an idea, no matter the complexity, our first instinct is to go all in. And that’s exactly what we did when DynaVap asked us to collaborate with them on what the world now knows as the biggest reveal of thermal extraction devices (TEDs) ever: The MegaLaunch. 

DynaVap released three new versions of its already well-known products- the “M”, the Omni, and the VonG. This endeavor took the creative team out to Sedona, Arizona, where they filmed individual videos for each product. These videos included their own vignettes to showcase the many ways that a particular product can fit into anyone’s lifestyle. In addition to these vignettes, whether it’s a day hike, a solo skate session, or an after work night cap. Along with lifestyle shots, we included the tabletop view of each product to showcase the unique details of the individual TED’s. DynaVap wanted to tell the story of who they are, and Dynamic came through with a work of art to encompass that. The final video spoke to DynaVap’s brand anthem, the epitome of who they are.

Coordinating and planning for the many variables and elements involved in such a task, the creative team held themselves to the highest standard and owned every bit of the process. So, after tireless revisions, endless coffee runs, and some desert-trail off-roading, Dynamic came through with the final product.