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Someplace Better Needed a Rebrand

What we did

  • Brand Identity
  • Content Strategy
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Website Development

Someplace Better Sheboygan County WI

" It was really great working with Dynamic because they were so receptive to our ideas and our thoughts no matter how crazy they were. The team was so wonderful to work with. Whenever I had a question or any kind of problem they were right there to help me talk it through, walk me through these solutions, and give me several different options that really brought my vision to life for this website. And we could not be more happy with the results that we received. "

- Brenda Bintzler - Marketing Manager for Sheboygan County Economic Development Corporation
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Our Approach

Our approach came down to shifting the target messaging to better support the efforts of HR departments of local employers to recruit and relocate new employees to Sheboygan County, and then creating a website to support this new direction. We started with a branding workshop to hone in on Who Someplace Better is and What their overall purpose is. 


We designed the logo to feel inviting, playful, trustworthy and modern.

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Visual Language

Someplace Better’s new visual identity reflects their vibrant & inviting personality and demonstrates both opportunity and progression.

We chose different elements to represent what Someplace Better has to offer. Each one of them is unique and has more than one meaning to it.

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Website Redesign

The website needed to display the modern, new brand while at the same time grab the users attention with image-heavy pages and inviting messaging to help guide the user in the right direction to starting their journey in Sheboygan County.

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website elements

Media Campaigns

The campaign’s inception was centered around attracting potential employees to the county.

Consistent investment in economic development marketing is pivotal. Intermittent campaigns seldom yield the desired results. Notably, most states have robust marketing strategies backed by substantial budgets and dedicated teams.


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The overwhelming success of the “Someplace Better” campaign has led to its extension beyond its initial end date of June 2023

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Video Production

Dynamic’s video production for the “Someplace Better” campaign redefined digital storytelling. It wasn’t just a video; it was an experience - an invitation to discover the magic of Sheboygan County. With its unparalleled production quality and engaging content, it set a new gold standard in video marketing.



The videos were a resounding success, and here’s why

  • VIRAL REACH - The captivating narrative and high production value led to the video being shared widely, multiplying its reach organically.
  • EMOTIONAL CONNECT - Viewers weren’t just watching a promotional video; they were embarking on a journey, experiencing the wonders of Sheboygan County through the lens of Dynamic.
  • INCREASED ENGAGEMENT & CONVERSION - The video acted as a powerful call to action. Viewers were motivated to learn more, visit, and even make the move to Sheboygan County.

Someplace Better approached Dynamic with two separate asks: a rebranding and a website redesign. We learned that a significant amount of people employed in Sheboygan County choose to commute rather than to live in the area— they can't envision living there. The overall goal of the Sheboygan County Economic Development Corporation (SCEDC) is to draw in new talent to both live and work within the county. Their current website just wasn't hitting the mark and sending the right messages to attract the talent needed in Sheboygan County.