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Sully's Ride Shop: The Power of a Fresh Brand

What we did

  • Branding
  • Ecommerce
  • Information Architecture
  • Website Design
  • Website Development

Sully's Ride Shop


When designing the logo for Sully’s Ride Shop, our goal was to craft a symbol that exudes strength, modernity, and a touch of vintage charm. To achieve this, we opted for a combination of two distinct fonts. "Sully’s" boasts a playful and adventurous style, while "Ride Shop" adopts a stronger font with an edgy undertone. The inclusion of handlebars on either side of the "Ride Shop" not only enhances the vintage aesthetic but also cleverly resembles motorcycle handlebars, adding a unique touch to the overall design.

The incorporation of the hand-drawn helmet in the icon logo introduces a distinctive artistic element, seamlessly blending the modern and vintage essence that defines the brand and its apparel offerings.


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Sullys branded tissuepaper

Visual Representation

In the color selection process for Sully's Ride Shop, our aim was to capture the vintage and high-quality aesthetic inherent in the brand. To achieve this, we opted for a modern and soothing blue, symbolizing the brand's elegance. The inclusion of beige hues serves to complement the primary colors of black and white, adding a subtle touch of sophistication. Additionally, the introduction of burnt orange brings in a vintage vibe, contributing to the overall character and warmth of the brand's visual identity.

Sullys brand colors
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Sullys businesscards mockup

Website Design

In the dynamic process of developing Sully's Ride Shop website, we implemented several key enhancements to ensure a seamless and visually captivating experience for users. Firstly, we seamlessly integrated Shopify Collections and Products with the Silverstripe CMS, streamlining the management of content and products. Additionally, we skillfully incorporated Shopify's BuyButton, tailoring its appearance to harmonize with the overall aesthetic of the website. To enhance the marketing appeal, we designed and implemented flexible content blocks, allowing for the creation of engaging, branded content that not only tells Sully's story but also captures the attention of visitors. These strategic measures collectively contribute to an elevated and user-friendly online platform for Sully's Ride Shop, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable browsing experience for customers.

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Sully’s Ride Shop entrusted us to unleash the rebellious spirit in their brand. They came to us with two separate asks: branding and an e-commerce website.

Sully’s isn’t just another motorcycle store; it’s an enclave for the riders who crave the heady mix of style and exhilaration, forging unforgettable memories with their kindred spirits on the untamed asphalt. Our mission: to infuse their brand with an elegant yet untamed aesthetic that resonates with the soul of the open road. We poured our creative and strategic energy into shaping the identity of Sully's, crafting a distinctive brand and website that not only narrates their unique story but also offers users a seamless journey to discover the ideal piece. The result is an elevated experience that transcends expectations.