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2022 - Present

Building a Future-Forward

What we did

  • Content Management System
  • Ecommerce
  • Website Development

Bemis Manufacturing

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PIM Integration

Beginning with meeting key stakeholders and understanding the needs of the new website, Dynamic began the process of executing on the digital strategy plan and building the website around those parameters. Salsify being the PIM utilized by Bemis Manufacturing, Dynamic provided a seamless integration for product data allowing the client to maintain a single source of truth which then syndicated information to the website as well as the client’s retailers.

The final PIM integration solution supports two product types across both commercial and residential areas of the website, allowing for specific audiences to view products in a way that is appropriate for them.

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Indexable Product Filtering

A key component to the new site surrounded SEO and how that can be affected by the structure of product filtering. Many times you may apply a filter on a website and see strange urls like https://mysite.test?string1=foo&string2=bar. For this project Dynamic utilized the Silverstripe CMS which allowed for the creation of customized, human readable, and indexable filter urls allowing for measurable ROI.

With the customized filtering solution, product features are predictable within the url pattern, generating dynamically generated pages of sorts. This coupled with the automated PIM integration, product categorization and updates to the filtered pages are automatically updated so site visitors are seeing the latest and most up to date product offerings.

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Future Forward

Throughout the project ecommerce was a long term goal for the website. Dynamic took this into consideration and ensured the website was structured in such a way that enabling ecommerce capabilities would be a quick process when that time came.

Utilizing as the ecommerce integration solution for allowed the website to have the feature in a dormant state until needed. This was key as the project continued as the ecommerce feature could be tested at any point ensuring it will work seamlessly once needed.

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Project Conclusion

The website redesign and rebuild was an overwhelming success. Streamlining product management for the client, allowing for simple content updates across the website, and ensuring SEO best practices were implemented provided an enormous improvement to their digital presence. Dynamic continues to work with Bemis Manufacturing, improving and enhancing the website to ensure it continues to serve its purpose for them and their customers.

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Dynamic was approached by Bemis Manufacturing to be the development partner for the redesign and rebuild of the website. The project had key components Dynamic was asked to deliver on including an easy to use CMS, a PIM (Product Information Management) integration, and an indexable product filter in order to boost SEO to specific product offerings.

Based on the strategy and creative provided to Dynamic, we were able to successfully execute the project delivering on the key components while also identifying other future opportunities preparing the site for subsequent updates and phases.