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What we did

  • Content Management System
  • Information Architecture
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Web App Development

The Vollrath Company, LLC

The Vollrath Company, LLC - Miramar Configurator
The Vollrath Company, LLC - Miramar Configurator
The Vollrath Company, LLC - Miramar Configurator Award

Cooking up a simple solution

The Dynamic team created a pans and templates configurator on Vollrath’s website that lets users construct a personal buffet setup. Users simply select their serving well preference and then click and drag on pan types and styles, finish/color options and template configurations. 

Configuring ideal setups

The simple, intuitive configurator allows users to select all the various options that work best for their particular business and space. If they change their minds during the configuration process, they can simply restart and make alternate selections. When they’ve designed the ideal setup, the complete specs are itemized and the configuration can be emailed or printed. Customer satisfaction is served!

The pinnacle of beauty and organization

The configurator design eliminates the need to look up and cross reference which pans and templates work together and creates a streamlined process to select everything needed for a buffet setup that is not only functional, but customized to exact needs and specification. It turned out to be a deliciously satisfying solution.

Selection. Simplified.

The Miramar Templates Configurator brings ease and functionality to Vollrath’s customers with an online tool that simplifies buffet line design. 

When it comes to great food service, presentation is key. That’s why Vollrath approached us for ideas to help dealers and distributors easily assist their customers with selecting buffet line components. We put our team to work to design a website configurator that allows users to design personalized buffet setups.